V-Moda Remix Remote Review

Rating = 3 out of 5 (but only with Comply Foam Tips)


  • Build quality seems top notch
  • Decent in-line remote
  • Good warranty 
  • Sound quality with Comply foam tips is decent
  • Decent bass sound 
  • Pretty ?


  • Uncomfortable due to sharp metal bits on ear pieces
  • Reasonably heavy reducing longterm comfort
  • Sound quality a bit on the bass heavy side
  • Need to buy comply foam-tips to make worth while
  • Overall a bit pricy for what you get

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After my Apple In-Ears with Remote cans broke after less than a year of use, I decided to get something that promised more durability. I use my headphones everyday at work. While I look after them, after a fully year of use most headphones seem to break… usually the wires near a stress point are the culprit. With this in mind I searched high and low for a new pair with the following requirements:

  • Durability
  • Good sound quality
  • Had to have a 3 button inline remote
  • Under 100€

I found 2 possible candidates the V-Moda’s and the Klipsch S4i. After reading heaps and heaps of user reviews, the following became clear. The Klipsch offer better sound quality, but the cables were weak and often broke after a few months. In contrast the kevlar cables on the Remix’s offered up to 10x the durability of other cables…. something that swayed my final decision, with the promise of decent sound. Ironically about 2 weeks after I purchased these, Klipsch announced a new version of the S4i that had stronger cables.  And now there are a whole heap of other brands offering the 3 button inline remote. So looks like I got screwed a bit on timing, but thats life.

Back to the V-Moda Remotes, while I was/am very impressed with the quality of the cables, I was really disappointed the first time I put them in my ears. My god they hurt my ears…..The metal housing of the ear pieces (while strong) has numerous sharp edges that feel like little knives digging into the sensitive skin on the inside of your ear. I tried all of the different ear pieces to see if this would help, and to make matters worse, I seemed to be in between sizes, which is crazy given the number of tips they include. I was thus left with 2 options, return them or buy some Comply Foam tips and hope they fixed the problem. The restocking fee was the same price as some comply tips so I ordered the Comply’s. To my surprise was very thankful that they somehow managed to provide just enough “something” to prevent 95% of the metal grating, and they have perfect sound isolation and fit. Without these foam tips there is no way I could recommend these headphones to anyone. At the end of the day having something that is unbearable to wear completely outweighs any build and sound quality features.  So to V-Moda, please please, machine buff the metal, a nice smooth surface is far far more important then some gimmicky fashion dints.

As for the sound quality, to be honest, I was also a little disapointed. Its decent, on par with my old Sennheiser CX300, maybe a little better. The bass is decent and fairly well defined, the mids are there and also nice, but the highs are just a little missing. Pumping the treble setting on the iphone produced much more balance results. (NB: I have been to a lot of loud concerts and my hearing may not be that great, so others may find these just right)

To others out there, 6 months ago these were probably still a decent purchase, but now there are a lot of alternatives and I suggest you look to the Klipsch, Ultimate Ears etc before these. The only reason to put these above others is if you are in a war zone and need very durable cans!

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Head of the Cell Division Lab and Manager of the Microscope and Flow Facility at the ANZAC Research Institute.

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