Live Connected PrePaid Mobile Review

Rating: 4 outta 5    3 outta 5

So far so good. Its super cheap and no problems so far. What more can you ask for ?

UPDATE: Live Connected has relaunched itself on November 19th 2012, with new (more expensive) plans and the addition of Phones. Thus it is now a more traditional phone service provider.
They are promising better service, but the new plans are now not as appealing as they once were. Also of note is that Social media web access is no longer free, meaning that the chances of going over your data limit each month probably just got a whole lot more realistic. There is however a new super cheap player called Vaya, which has Flexi Plans starting from only $7/month with the $11/month plan looking like the sweet spot. I will probably switch in the next few weeks, and will post how things go.


  • Very Cheap, multiple plans to suit your budget starting from about $8/month
  • Simple to sign up over the internet
  • Can port your existing mobile number
  •  All plans include data
  • Runs on Optus Network which usually has decent coverage in most areas
  • Consume App does work and is able to pull down usage stats, albeit 48h delayed
  • Most plans allow for use as a personal hotspot.


  • Only has email support. No phone number/call centre
  • Expensive SIM card $20, compared to some competitors which are only $2.
  • Not sure how easy it is to upgrade/change plan so be careful which one you pick.
  • About a 48h delay on usage stats (see pic)
  • No native iPhone/Android app to check usage, thus have to use web interface which is not optimised for mobile screens, or pay for the Consume 3rd Party App [Link][iTunes]
  • No visual voicemail but then not many operators in Oz offer this anyway.

I switched from Amaysim a few weeks ago, to LiveConnected. Amaysim had been great, but the reality was that I just wasn’t using it enough to justify paying about $30. For similar usage I can get away with the Medium $11.99 plan which also offers much larger data access. I signed up with Live over the internet, and asked them to port my old number over. The SIM arrived the next day, which was super fast. I was scheduled to be activated a few days after that, but was able to speed that up by clicking one button on the website to activate straight away. My old SIM still worked in the phone for the next day. I got an email from Live saying it would take about 2 days to port the number over. I woke up on the 2nd day and my old SIM was no longer working. I put in the new Live SIM and after a restart of the phone was able to make and receive calls to my old number.. Great ! Only problem was that I wasn’t getting any data. I got an email from Live mid-morning saying that there was a problem in porting over the number, and they would try and get the service full active as soon as they could. Around mid-afternoon, I got another email saying that the account was now active. It took about another 15 min before I was able to start accessing data. But all in all, I was pretty happy with how things went.

I also signed up my mother in-law for a new account, with a new number. This also went pretty well, with the whole process taking about 15-30 min from the time I clicked activate on the web to when I was able to start using the SIM card.

I have read on the forums etc that some users have had less then great activation experiences, and that the support from Live is limited. Also the data usage is about 48h behind time, so if you are constantly running your plan close to the bone each month, the perhaps LiveConnected is not for you. All in all if your willing to put up with this and take the risk that things will go well…. then this is a great bargain that is hard not to love.


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Head of the Cell Division Lab and Manager of the Microscope and Flow Facility at the ANZAC Research Institute.

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