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Icy: More Excellent free Microscopy software !

ICY is some great free software that goes extends beyond image J and provides some more advanced tools and a nicer GUI.

There are also a heap of cool plugins available including a new one called Active cell, which makes it quick and easy to outline a cell in either 2D or 3D !  There is also a nice review of this plugin here.


Cool Science T-Shirts

Cool Science T-Shirts !

The Cell Division Lab


As a fun way for our lab to share our research with the world, we have created a Redbubble store where you can purchase T-Shirts, iPhone cases, stickers and prints. All at a reasonable price, with any and all profits going back to funding our research.

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Quartzy – New Free Lab Management Tool

With the (soon to be) death of LabLife, there was no other “FREE” online tool for managing a lab. Thankfully Quartzy has now filled that void.

I have not had a great amount of time yet to test it out, but it does look promising.

My only hope is that it does not go the way of LabLife, get bought out and turned into a (expensive) paid service, just after I spent months setting my lab up on the service.

At the moment that is the only downside that I can see to these online tools. The uncertain future does create anxiety, and its this anxiety that requires these services to be free.

Lab’s are run on shoe string budgets, where every cent counts and time is the most expensive commodity. Investing months/years into an online tool only for it to disappear can cause major issues for the survival of a lab. Asking us to also pay significant amounts each year is often to greater risk and a step to far for most lab managers to take. Lets hope that Quartzy defies the odds and sticks around.

ORCID – Distinguishing you from others with similar names

A new service called ORCID has just been launched, with the lofty goal of trying to help distinguish researchers with the same name from each other.

As a person with a fairly common name this would be fantastic, as it is often frustrating trying to wade thru PubMed trying to find my papers by author name alone.
Most of the big players in Science Publishing are already on board, so it looks like this could be a winning centralised source of info in the not to distant future.

You can register here:

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