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HistoGrip kicks ass over Poly-L-Lysine

I recently tried out HistoGrip from Invitrogen as a replacement for Poly-l-lysine coating for glass coverslips.

It comes as a 50X concentrate (10ml) which is enough to make 500ml of working solution.

Although it is marketed for use with attaching tissue to glass slides, I thought I would give it a try with adherent cell lines (ie HeLa) and glass coverslips.

And boy does it work better. I didn’t take pictures (too lazy), but almost immediately after seeding the cells, they began attaching to the coverslips, after a few hours they had already begun spreading, in comparison, those on Poly-L were still rounded up. There was little to no toxicity with HistoGrip, and I had a higher rate of mitotic cells remaining on the slide by the time I got to the microscope. As a test I only half coated one slide with histogrip, the coated side was confluent the un-coated about 30%. That says it all. Given the price, ease of use, and storage. I don’t think I will ever go back to Poly-l-lysine or fibronectin. Read More…

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