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V-Moda Remix Remote Review

Rating = 3 out of 5 (but only with Comply Foam Tips)


  • Build quality seems top notch
  • Decent in-line remote
  • Good warranty 
  • Sound quality with Comply foam tips is decent
  • Decent bass sound 
  • Pretty ?


  • Uncomfortable due to sharp metal bits on ear pieces
  • Reasonably heavy reducing longterm comfort
  • Sound quality a bit on the bass heavy side
  • Need to buy comply foam-tips to make worth while
  • Overall a bit pricy for what you get Read More…

Comply Foam Tips Mini Review

Rating 4.5 outta 5

Model T-140 for Apple In-Ears (with remote)


Very comfortable

Excellent sound isolation

Improve sound quality greatly (especially on new apple in-ears)


Each set lasts about 1-2 months

A little on the expensive side

Can get a little funky with yellow ear wax stains

Buying Advice

If your having trouble getting a good seal or comfort issues with the ear plugs that came with your headphones, then the Comply Foam Tips should be at the top of your shopping list.

They took my apple in-ears which I couldn’t get a good fit at all with, from a poor set of headphones, to one of the best sounding cans I have had.  Quite a feat.

A must buy !

Sennheiser mm50ip review

UPDATE July 2009

The headphone Jack on these broke about 2 or 3 months ago, thus these didn’t last even a year.  While some blame must go to apple for requiring a smaller plug to fit the 1st gen iPhone, its still disappointing.  Since then I have upgraded to the new Apple In-Ear’s (4 outta 5) which have a much more balance sound, which I prefer.  Also there is a lot more competition in the iphone headphone market now, so I would suggest people look at the ultimate ears, or apples offerings etc before the mm50IPs, unless you can pick these up at a hugely reduced price.  So in summary I think that 3 outta 5 is a much more realistic rating now. Read More…

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