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Icy: More Excellent free Microscopy software !

ICY is some great free software that goes extends beyond image J and provides some more advanced tools and a nicer GUI.

There are also a heap of cool plugins available including a new one called Active cell, which makes it quick and easy to outline a cell in either 2D or 3D !  There is also a nice review of this plugin here.


Adding a Scale Bar to Microscope Images (using Photoshop)

With the later versions of Photoshop CS4 and CS5 extended it is now very easy to add a scale bar to your microscope images. But before we go ahead you will need some information first.

1) The actual Pixel size of the camera attached to your microscope (here is a short list of some common cameras).

2) Did you use any binning when acquiring the image?

3) The lens magnification, C mount, and Objective Magnification (NB: normally lens and C mount are 1x, while objectives are e.g. 63X, 100X)

4) A bit of maths. Read More…

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