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Spotify vs Rdio (Australian Edition) Review.

After several months of trying out both, I have settled on Spotify as my winner of the streaming apps. I have also briefly tried out MOG, which was ok but not to my liking. On the surface the scores make it look like it was a very close battle, and in reality it was… but mainly because Spotify has not been able to replicate their excellent desktop app on the mobile, making the experiance on Spotify feel second rate. This is amplified by the fact that the desktop app is FREE, while the mobile app is $12/month. I think Spotify has their priorities around the wrong way, new features and the best experience should go to those paying. In contrast, the difference between the mobile app and desktop versions on Rdio are minimal, and there are constant updates, 1-2/month meaning that any bugs are normally quickly resolved, and new features constantly added. If Spotify are able to close the gap between the desktop and mobile versions, then they will easily pull away from the competition. But as it stands, there is very little to separate the two mobile apps. It came down to better radio implementation, slightly cheaper price and more logical playlist management, which tipped the scales towards Spotify. But if you only plan on using your mobile and never the desktop, then Rdio could be the better choice.

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Live Connected PrePaid Mobile Review

Rating: 4 outta 5    3 outta 5

So far so good. Its super cheap and no problems so far. What more can you ask for ?

UPDATE: Live Connected has relaunched itself on November 19th 2012, with new (more expensive) plans and the addition of Phones. Thus it is now a more traditional phone service provider.
They are promising better service, but the new plans are now not as appealing as they once were. Also of note is that Social media web access is no longer free, meaning that the chances of going over your data limit each month probably just got a whole lot more realistic. There is however a new super cheap player called Vaya, which has Flexi Plans starting from only $7/month with the $11/month plan looking like the sweet spot. I will probably switch in the next few weeks, and will post how things go.


  • Very Cheap, multiple plans to suit your budget starting from about $8/month
  • Simple to sign up over the internet
  • Can port your existing mobile number
  •  All plans include data
  • Runs on Optus Network which usually has decent coverage in most areas
  • Consume App does work and is able to pull down usage stats, albeit 48h delayed
  • Most plans allow for use as a personal hotspot.


  • Only has email support. No phone number/call centre
  • Expensive SIM card $20, compared to some competitors which are only $2.
  • Not sure how easy it is to upgrade/change plan so be careful which one you pick.
  • About a 48h delay on usage stats (see pic)
  • No native iPhone/Android app to check usage, thus have to use web interface which is not optimised for mobile screens, or pay for the Consume 3rd Party App [Link][iTunes]
  • No visual voicemail but then not many operators in Oz offer this anyway. Read More…

My Tunes Pro App Review

UPDATE: Latest version (2.1.0) removes the best feature, Manual controls of the SRS WOW sound enhancer, and replaces it with the ability to save and share your settings. This sounds like a great idea, accept that it should be an addition, not a replacement. I have no interest in sharing my tunings, and furthermore, I want the ability to tweak the sound quickly. With the new system I have to go thru the whole process of logging in online, making a new tuning, go thru a prolonged step by step process taking up several minutes of my time, without actually being able to hear the changes in realtime to my music…. no thanks…. they just ruining the only half decent feature of the app.
My Tunes Pro (By SRS Labs) – 3 outta 5 stars  1.5 outta 5
  • Improves audio sound quality over default iOS music app
  • Lots of tweaks so that you can get sound to sound how you like it
  • Can access all your music from your music app
  • Has some extra workout, party playlist functions and a decent driving skin with large buttons for easier controls.
  • Cheap compared to the iWOW hardware dongle ($7.49 vs $59.95) Read More…

Best Video Players for iPad – Mini Review

Have you got a bunch of videos, movies, TV shows that you have converted into a non-Apple friendly format?
Do you want to play these back on your iPad, without having to convert them first?
Well, thankfully there are now a whole heap of Apps that enable you to do this…. and this is a short review of the ones I have had a play with.

It’s Playing (4.0 Stars) $1.99

This is my personal favorite at the moment, mainly for the audio boost function.
  • Additional Audio boost function allows you to increase volume above standard iPad volume
  • Same for Brightness
  • Some nice swipe iPad gesture controls
  • Lots of extra manual controls
  • Plays back pretty much every format you can throw at it
  • On 1st geniPads video can be a little choppy at times (although latest update seems to fix this)
  • Not a huge fan of how files are shown, prefer a video preview icon tile layout.

Unlocked iPhone 4S Pricing Leaked on Australian Apple Store

Its not listed in most online Apple Stores yet. But the Australian Store does have the official prices for the new iPhone 4S unlocked direct from Apple.

Here is the break down:
16Gb  $799 (approximate €579 €629, US$775) NB: iPhone 4 originally sold at $859
32Gb $899 (approximate €650 €739, US$870) NB: iPhone 4 originally sold at $999
64Gb $999 (approximate €725 €849, US$967) Read More…

V-Moda Remix Remote Review

Rating = 3 out of 5 (but only with Comply Foam Tips)


  • Build quality seems top notch
  • Decent in-line remote
  • Good warranty 
  • Sound quality with Comply foam tips is decent
  • Decent bass sound 
  • Pretty ?


  • Uncomfortable due to sharp metal bits on ear pieces
  • Reasonably heavy reducing longterm comfort
  • Sound quality a bit on the bass heavy side
  • Need to buy comply foam-tips to make worth while
  • Overall a bit pricy for what you get Read More…
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