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How to Disable the Laptop Screen in Lion, when running an External Display

In Snow Leopard, it was possible to have your laptop open, running an external display, but have the laptop’s display off. This had the big advantage of all the GPU power being used to run just the external monitor, and also meant that you could run your external at its native resolution. But for some strange reason Apple disabled this feature in Lion. So now the only way to do this was to close the lid on you laptop… which often results in over-heating. Thus to get back to the joys of a cool laptop and open that lid, use this following hack, which was posted on the Apple support forums by user chenga.8.[Macworld via Apple Discussions]. Read More…


Running Lion (10.7) on a 2006 Macbook

I recently installed Apples new Lion (10.7) OS on my aging white Macbook from 2006. It has a massive 2Gb of RAM, with the awesome power of a 2.0Ghz Core2Duo CPU and GMA 950 graphics processor, along with a very speedy 5400rpm 250Gb hard drive (full specs). This thing was a speed damon in 2006, 5+ years ago now ! It just scrapes in on the minimum spec requirements for Lion, and I was pessimistic about how well it would run, given that Snow Leopard was less that fluid on the system. To my surprise the upgrade went quite well, and the system was running almost as well as SL was. I then did a clean instal of Lion (as my old SL install was bloated and over due a go clean). This resulted in a very useable laptop. Its not going to make an old Macbook suddenly crunch current benchmarks, but I can safely report that the minimum specs listed are more then sufficient to run Lion successfully. Read More…

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