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Icy: More Excellent free Microscopy software !

ICY is some great free software that goes extends beyond image J and provides some more advanced tools and a nicer GUI.

There are also a heap of cool plugins available including a new one called Active cell, which makes it quick and easy to outline a cell in either 2D or 3D !  There is also a nice review of this plugin here.


ORCID – Distinguishing you from others with similar names

A new service called ORCID has just been launched, with the lofty goal of trying to help distinguish researchers with the same name from each other.

As a person with a fairly common name this would be fantastic, as it is often frustrating trying to wade thru PubMed trying to find my papers by author name alone.
Most of the big players in Science Publishing are already on board, so it looks like this could be a winning centralised source of info in the not to distant future.

You can register here: https://orcid.org/register

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My Researcher ID

Noticed this new ResearcherID profile on the ISI Web of Knowledge website.

As far as I can tell its free to sign up and use, and is a great way to update, track, and promote your progress as a researcher.
It plugs in with the new Endnote Web feature

For more info go here:


ps Here is what my current citations look like. Not too shabby for a young fella !

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