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How to Disable the Laptop Screen in Lion, when running an External Display

In Snow Leopard, it was possible to have your laptop open, running an external display, but have the laptop’s display off. This had the big advantage of all the GPU power being used to run just the external monitor, and also meant that you could run your external at its native resolution. But for some strange reason Apple disabled this feature in Lion. So now the only way to do this was to close the lid on you laptop… which often results in over-heating. Thus to get back to the joys of a cool laptop and open that lid, use this following hack, which was posted on the Apple support forums by user chenga.8.[Macworld via Apple Discussions]. Read More…


iMac (2010) Freezing with 8Gb of RAM

Ever since I got my iMac in 2010 (21″ Core i3 3.06Ghz with 8Gb of Ram) it has been randomly freezing. This freeze is permanent, and requires a forced reboot of the machine by holding down of the power button. The screen is stuck on whatever was happening at the time, and it would be completely unresponsive to all input. Read More…

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